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Primer plano de manos reconfortantes


We are an association with national and regional recognition that promotes the search and location of people who suffered forced disappearance during the civil war in El Salvador, defending the right to the truth, access to justice and repair of the victims, now adults and their families.


To be an international reference organization that contributes, from an intergenerational approach, to the search for justice and respect for human rights through investigation, access to the truth, location and support for victim families who suffered the forced disappearance of a boy or girl during the civil war in El Salvador.



We recognize that there were serious violations of the human rights of the victims during the armed conflict, providing information on missing children to promote spaces for investigation and visibility of the cases.


We believe that localization and reunion are possible, therefore, we fight to contribute to the reintegration of families.


We ensure the identification of responsibilities for the serious events related to children who disappeared during the civil war and the reconstruction of their life projects.


We have timely information about our work and we share it with prior informed and relevant consent, for the benefit of family members, prioritizing the search for truth and justice.


We advocate that the State recognize that during the armed conflict there were major violations of human rights and carry out actions to compensate the victims and their families.


We develop processes with effectiveness and efficiency to fulfill the purposes of the organization and achieve the proposed strategic objectives, working with professionalism to respond to our families, international cooperation partners, institutions and the population in general.

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